Our Beloved returns        with a mighty entourage

his banner men ride before him

             they are swifter than stallions 

and their weapons          as the talons of eagles

their chariots are laden full

             amphora of the reddest wine

and full of the oils of gladness

This is the story                of everlasting love

written within the hearts of mankind

             a story of promises kept

of exclusive devotion without equal

             of it’s engagement and preparations 

it’s unity realized     and it’s fidelity measureless 

a vision of excellence      is my beloved

He is the color        of the crystalline stones

forged in the hearts of the mountains

his transparency    glows in it’s intensity

He is the rising             of the tides

and the canopy    that resides under the vault of heaven 

his affections call out       and reach into every dark place

and we ourselves          are held in his eternal embrace

There is to us   but one King     and our hearts

bow before his majestic countenance 

He has built a great house

many have     been employed          in it’s construction

A place for rejoicing     endlessly

every fine and desirable element

                           fill his treasuries and chambers 

He cast out his lines           one by one

and baited his nets       with the words of Love

He drew us from the sea           and salted us         

with his own expressions 

and set before us         a golden bowl and chalice

filled to the brim      and overflowing

and we are faint       faint with Love

I am comely    and clothed with desire

and my esteem            is in his exquisiteness 

the flawless         reflection        of his divinity 

He has openly            shown his faithfulness

our affections as the rushes    of rivers , waterfalls

and rain in the spring         of the old growth forests

and it’s age as old          as the cosmos

whose beginning is as       unknowable as it’s end

Come my Beloved      and collect us together

gather the great feast           of which every bird

under heaven will partake 

be swift upon the mountains   for we are captives

in a colossal wilderness    filled with the desert winds 

held only by the golden chords 

and the silver sounds    of your own declarations

                   of Love 


Duet 7:9-12  1Kings 8:22-23  Daniel 9:4

Song of Songs    Rev 5:9


COPYRIGHT © 2014 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC

Phote Yaquina Head Lighthouse State Park



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