You spoke of Love in the kingdom to come

Where the works of hatred would be undone

you bid your disciples to follow whats true

to demonstrate its power in the actions they do


But I have seen injustice

      In the congregations of God

they have castigated children

with verbal tirades           they did flog


committed vicious slander

and the innocent             threw away

refused to hear their lack of justice

and those who tell the truth                they slay


But these actions are not hidden

from our King                 God has given throne

those of us who’ve seen it

our thoughts to him          have shown


His retribution will not linger

with his army he arrives

expose he will oppressors

those who                       cover deceit with lies



They profess to be disciples

of the Christ and Father Jah

but the errors                   of injustice

have trespassed the Love that’s law


Into the sanctuary

          I have sent this word

that like prayers of incense 

their cries and tears           be heard


At the house of God there’s punishment

until true mercy            we can learn

willing to          investigate the truth

and its advocates not spurn


You have practiced Law and Judgment

the child of God             you did not see

you interpreted the scriptures

and pronounced his children          unworthy


I have trouble understanding

those who lift             your eulogy

so easily destroy their kin

blame not themselves              as ungodly


Its always someone                 else’s fault

not the things you did or say

you couldn’t possibly            be the reason

that from the “truth” they walked away


When you stand before the throne of God

will they judge                  your actions clean

all the thoughts that you committed

will prove you kind                  or mean


I can only say to you 

I saw your                 justice taken away

my own afflictions and slander

paralyzed my voice             that day


Even now to late in time

their judgments I do fear

they’ve spent their time             convincing me

my perception is not             clear


But I have spent my time

considering             the instructions in your word

their placement in        my heart and mind

and my pen has proved I’ve heard


to those youths       I’m still connected

you’ve remained in mind and heart

I’ve considered what you experienced

and I know                it’s origins start


Not all of us              who worship truth

will condemn your walk away

those who expose their heartlessness

before the throne will pay


I only hope you              remember

those of us    who cherished you

If I could manipulate nature

none these things               would you go through


I want you to remember

that’s whats broken         and with flaw

have difficulty executing

the perfection of cosmic law


I hope to see you           in the future

when you’ve considered my             digress

what you’ve experienced in life

is very difficult               to digest


The things that connect us

are more            than human skin

together we are the children

of the parents               who gave us sin


This is my apology

for you         whom I could not defend

I was suffering my own afflictions

which prevented           my love to mend


I have failed far to many

and on others can           lay no blame

unlike the power that controls the cosmos

my limitations physics             name


My complaints here             I have spoken

but the threads of them            are true

they are laid before the throne of justice

and our God and Christ            will see them through


Choose to invest in excellence 

but these are traits          that you must learn

to humans they come            not natural

your inclinations             they will confirm


From your introduction             I have loved you

and to my thoughts have given voice

but your own road                    you must travel

and free will               is yours of choice


Only one thing          can fill whats hollow

a majestic gift       from Christ and God

that we “learn” to love each other

correct the inherited things          and flawed



Self justification (self rightousness) is a peculiar

trait among mankind ….and is significantly

emboldened when applying law and tradition

and distinctly visible among those who “practice”

religion , instead of “following the truth” like a

detective …….outside appearances can be so

deceiving, whats hidden and out of visions

range the guilty are not just catholic and protestant

those who abuse the truth have always sat

right among Gods own chosen people ….


Luke 17:1-4

COPYRIGHT © 2011 C. Michael Miller

via Duboff Law Group LLC

along the Mckenzie River Oregon


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